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God = quantum indeterminacy

Lately, I have become sick to death of the false concept that people cannot simultaneously accept both God and “science”. Yes, we can, and I will explain how in a couple of ways.

One is called the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory, which basically states that objective reality does not exist before it can be seen/known/measured as an irrefutable fact. Why/how? Quantam law and the superposition of states, also called quantum indeterminacy, means you don’t know, because you didn’t see it and have no proof. Therefore, multiple explanations, or outcomes, are equally probable. see Schrödinger’s cat. “So?” you say, “What has that got to do with anything?” Well, what it has to do with anything is this:

1. It is an objective, scientific fact that God cannot be proven, or disproven.
*2. There is no more “proof” that God doesn’t exist than there is “proof” that He does.
**3. The probability that He does, or does not, exist DO NOT outrank each other.

*,** Many are under the false impression that there is more objective, factual evidence to support that God either does not exist, or His existence is highly improbable. Both of these concepts are perception based (a.k.a. subjective opinion).

Another is placing God and science in a harmonious category known as “theistic evolution”. In other words, the two go hand-in-hand. Science tells us what happens, but not why it happens. A pendulum has never, in all of history, swung itself. Something has to be the “why” that swung it. God is the why. To believe that science happened, “just because” is odious. Science and God do not negate each other.


Can we get an original Bible in the house?

“The” Bible is the assembled canon of ancient books agreed upon to be considered “the” Bible only centuries after the time of Jesus and the Apostles. 

I think it may have been only in 325 AD that “the” Bible was invented by cobbling together the Hebrew Torah and the Writings and the Prophets and the Psalms and the New Testament, and throwing into the dumpster all the other books which the assembled bishops decided didn’t make the cut. 

Then they were able to announce – ta da! – behold, this is the Bible and yea I say unto thee that it is holy and thou hadst better not argue with us lest we have thee excommunicated.

All this was well before the Holy Qu’ran was compiled, so there is no reason why the Christians should pay any mind to it.

In those days they did not know about ancient scriptures from Babylon, Egypt, etc., so they can be excused for thinking wow, these Ten Commandments are really, really important, because they had never seen the Negative Confession of the Scribe Nepsani or the Code of Hammurabi so they could not guess how much of the Bible teaching is a knockoff of older documents.

They imagined that the Great Flood story was original because they had no knowledge of the Epic of Gilgamesh. 

They thought the story of Moses was true because they had no way of recognizing that it is just the retold story of Sargon of Akkadia. 

They did not see that the Book of Job may have been a Greek Tragedy.

So there is no such thing as “the original Bible in its original language.”  There is just a whole array of stories and ideas drawn from many sources.

*This is not my work, but the work of anon, which could not be properly cited. However, I have researched all content, and feel confident in it’s reliability.

Radical Islam? Try radical misunderstanding.

1. Muslims reject Jesus.

   False. For more info., see:

2. Muslims don’t believe Jesus was the son of God.

   Not exactly. Muslims actually do believe Jesus was the son of God, in that we are all God’s children. When Jesus called God his heavenly father? True as the day is long! God is our heavenly father.

3. Jesus didn’t die on the cross.

   “Word play”, a little term I made up myself (yes, I want a cookie) for utter, misrepresented, nonsense! Muslims state that Jesus “did not die” on the cross BECAUSE (get your clicking fingers ready, I expect you to share this with everybody you know), Jesus SOUL is eternal, and cannot be “killed”. How can that which is eternal be killed? It can’t. Christians believe the exact… same… thing… The physical shell of a mere mortal man died on the cross that day. We are not our physical bodies. Who we are is who we are inside, a.k.a. our souls. Jesus lives! Sound familiar? 🙂

4. Muslims don’t believe in Jesus resurrection.

   Muslims don’t believe, or reject, anything on this topic, actually. Don’t make stuff up! 🙂 lol

5. “Allah” is a false idol/god.

   Nope! “Allah” is simply the Arabic word for “God”, in the exact same way that “Dios” means “God” in Spanish. Now, get your chairs out because you will probably need to sit down for this next, mind blowing sentence… Everyone in the world does not speak English. :::be still my beating heart:::

6. Allah is not “my” God!

   If you’re Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, “Allah”, in fact, is “your” God. There is only one, true, monothestic God of Abraham. Don’t get it twisted. If you feel the need to twist is upon you with a fiery vengeance that you just can’t rebuff, seek education. Please. 🙂

Muslims be loving Jesus, yo!

   How many of us have ever giggled about e-cards, bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc. making jokes about Muslims rejection of Jesus? Probably most. I’m not hating either! I did it, back before I knew the truth. 🙂 We’re human. We can’t know everything. So, what I want to do today is run down a quick, easy to follow “list” of the Islamic perspective of Jesus. (Don’t snore. I’ll make it fun.)

1. Jesus was created by God in the virgin Mary’s womb.
   Yep. Mary be his virginal, earthly momma, and Allah be his heavenly daddy! Go Jesus, get busy, it’s yo’ birthday! 🙂

2. Jesus performed miracles.
   God granted him the power to do all that coolness! 🙂

3. Jesus will return.
   He is coming back at the end of days, friends! Hope I get to meet him! I wonder if I can get an autograph. 🙂 Facebook friends? In my dreams!

Now you know! Go forth, and disperse knowledge along the masses! 🙂 Jesus is our homeboy. Anything else you hear is straight rubbish.

The 72 virgins are a lie.

This is the easiest explanation for Islam I have seen so far. If somebody is completely lost, I recommend starting here.

“Don’t listen to her! She has Asperger’s.”

   Today, I want to talk about mental health, and what it means to all of us. Conversely, I want to talk about what it DOESN’T mean, and why you’re a discriminatory, uneducated, jack wagon if you think it does.

   First, a mental health diagnoses could be applied to the vast majority of the population. Even if it is mere stress, or anxiety, the chance that YOU could easily be diagnosed with something, if you were to seek treatment, is significant. So, don’t get all hoity toity thinking you’re “normal”, and the people with mental health diagnosis aren’t.

   Second, a mental health diagnosis means ONE THING. It is a guide for letting the people around you know how to help day-to-day living run smoother. That is it. Period. Stop with your grand delusions of it making the person a sub-par, or “different”, human being. You wouldn’t make asinine statements such as, “Shh! Here comes Sally. You know you can’t talk about stuff like this around people with a (insert physical ailment here) broken leg. They just go nuts!” It’s the same thing. Quit your foolishness.

   Third, somebody being diagnosed with a mental illness of any kind does NOT increase the risk of your day-to-day physical safety by any significant margin. 10% of prisoners RIGHT NOW are mentally ill, which means 90% are not. The newly proposed laws about banning the sale of guns to the mentally ill is laughable and ignorant. What do these senators think that is going to do based on the stats I just gave? Here is a hint, it starts with “n”, and ends with “othing”. Even the judges in most courts of law will not acknowledge a mental illness as a problem that influences their decision if the individual provides proof that it is stable and under control. If you are interested in further facts on this particular aspect of mental health, see here:

   Fourth, let’s talk about stigma. Most of us are willing to be “friends” with someone who has been diagnosed as mentally ill, right? But… do we really give them a fair, equal chance in comparison with our friends who haven’t been given any known diagnosis? We have thoughts such as, “Well, she is nice, but I don’t want her watching my kids alone!”, or, “Sure, he is a funny guy, but I don’t want to date him! Who wants that mess?” I’m semi-amazed at the number of people who are not willing to date somebody with “a diagnosis”. What do they really think it means? What do they think is going to happen? Don’t miss out on a relationship with an awesome person due to your own obtuseness.

   In conclusion, a mental health diagnosis means virtually nothing other than that the person, and those around him/her, may have to find alternative ways to reach a desired goal. Not bad, wrong, or unfair ways, JUST DIFFERENT! Every single human being on this earth has a “personality/characteristic profile” that could be written up to describe what type of person they are, what they do or don’t enjoy doing, and what conditions they operate most effectively under. So? Congratulations to all of us. We’re all one simple classification: human. Let’s get over the stigma of mental illness, and try to focus on issues that truly matter.


5 Things Nobody Tells You Before You Have Kids

1. You will be completely exhausted for a couple of decades.
   I’m not talking about tired. I’m not even talking about really tired. I am talking about permanently brain damaged, how are you even continuing to live, down to-the-bone tired. Those all night study sessions you pulled in college? That vacation you took and barely slept, 2-3 nights in a row? Yeah, that has nothing on this. You will float through each day of over a decade, maybe two, in a trance that can only be described as “zombie”. You will wake up each day wondering how you are going to make it to bedtime that night. You will begin to use phrases such as, “My kid’s destroyed my brain!”, because they did.

2. You might not like your kids.
   Pre-parenthood, we all have this fairytale vision of sitting on a park bench one serene spring day, looking the picture of fashion plate perfection, infant silently slumbering nearby in a gorgeous pram, while we read our favorite novels. When they get a bit older, we will have the grandest of times bonding over mommy & me swim class, story hour at the library, and endless snuggles. Our sons will be darling princes, and our daughters charming princesses. We just *know* we are going to adore each other more than any other parent-child duo throughout history. Then comes reality, and you get home from the hospital with this little person who isn’t so sure about you, and, frankly, you aren’t so sure about him. Who is this stranger? What does he want? Figuring that out is about as easy as learning to speak Greek. As he grows older, he may start to resemble more of a tyrannical dictator than a tiny darling, and you may start to wonder what made you think all this parenting business was such a good idea in the first place. While you will always love your kids with a depth that no words can accurately describe, your child may be born with a personality that simply rubs you the wrong way, and every day of the next few decades could be the ultimate power struggle.

3. You may have a special needs child.
I think we all realize this in the back of our minds, but none of us really think it will happen to us. The best description I have ever read of what a special needs parent goes through is here:

4. Your life will no longer be your own.
Sometime around the teenage years, most of us start to develop a sense of independent identity. We decide what we like to do in our free time, which direction we would like our lives to take, and get a general ideal of who we are. For a few sweet years, we do what we want, when we want to, and nobody else has any say in the matter. Even after we find out our first baby is on the way, we delude ourselves into believing the only real restriction of parenthood is pregnancy, and as soon as the baby arrives, life will go right back to the way it was before that second pink line showed up on the stick. It won’t. It doesn’t. You will never be who you were again. The sooner you give up the delusion, the faster you can get to work on learning who “the new you” is. The you that rides in the backseat of your life, kids at the wheel.

5. Your kids will physically injure you.
When most people think of parenthood, they don’t think of black eyes, bruised cheeks, and busted lips. However, reality with a toddler is just that. They don’t mean to hurt you, it just happens. A lot.